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Not sure if your ears are too small for regular earbuds? Before you spend the money on a new pair, look for these signs to see if you have small ears.

Finding the right earbuds can be an uphill battle. While there are a few lucky music lovers who seem to be able to shake any pair of earbuds without discomfort, and never complain about their "buds falling out," not all are.

At some point, maybe you've wondered why finding the perfect pair of earbuds is so challenging. You may be one of the millions of people with smaller ears struggling to buy earplugs.

Whether it's lost earbuds or just annoyance from discomfort, people with small ears always end up where they started - buy a new pair and cross your fingers for a better experience. But how do you know if your ears are too small to begin with?

We will help you solve the problem! Some common problems faced by people with small ears can help you decide if you belong to that particular group. Here are some signs that your ears are on the small side and how to find the last perfect pair of earbuds.

Your earplugs can hurt your ears

Listening to music shouldn't be painful. If you're someone who experiences pain while using earbuds, your ears may actually be too small to use earbuds. The root of the problem is that the generic earbud tips don't match the contours of the small ear and are forced to fit.

Your ear has multiple surfaces that the tip of the earbud touches, but when the pressure is unevenly distributed, the pain goes away. Universal earplugs can put unnecessary pressure on your outer ear (outer ear).

There are always pressure points when you don't have a custom fit, but more pressure points and more pain when you try to fit an oversized ear tip into your ear. This discomfort and pain means you need to constantly take a break from listening to music, which defeats the purpose of using earplugs.

You deserve earbuds designed for small ears so you can get through the day without missing a beat. IAG uses patented Lightform technology to shape your unique ear pattern, bringing unmatched comfort to your everyday life. This means no pressure points - even for small ears.

Earbuds keep coming off

You probably won't lose sleep over changing a pair of earbuds every few years, but buying them over and over because they keep falling out of your ears...that's another story. If you have small ears, the generic one-size-fits-all hard plastic earbuds can fall out of your ears because they don't penetrate deep into your ears to ensure a secure fit.

You've probably seen the infamous three earbud sizes that come with off-the-shelf earbuds. Those have to be better, right? They are a step in the right direction, but they still don't exist. Most people with smaller ears will shrink a size or two, but these rarely fit. Also, over time the soft rubber will deform and you will find that they will eventually keep coming off as well.

Universal tips are more of a "guess" about what's right for most people, but ears can't be reduced to small, medium, or large. As with fingerprints, the shape is identical without the ears, thinking the small size might not match the earbuds offered by the earbud manufacturer.

The only solution for small ears is a pair of custom earbuds like the IAG. The custom molded nib will give you a secure fit that never falls off, even during sports or other physical activity.

Excessive earwax buildup

Too much wax on the tip of your earbuds? If you regularly deal with earwax buildup, this may indicate that your ears are small.

While earwax helps the ear trap debris, too much can be a problem. Earwax is more likely to form if your ears are too small. Small ears - or ears with a unique shape - can trap earwax in the ear canal, making it more difficult for it to escape naturally.

Frequent earaches, itchy sensations, or blockages due to earwax buildup are other signs of small ears. Severe earwax buildup (called impaction) is also more common in people with smaller ear canals.

In extreme cases, excess wax buildup in small ears can also cause hearing problems, including a ringing sensation called tinnitus. A blockage of earwax prevents sound waves from reaching your eardrum, reducing your ability to hear things clearly.

prone to ear infections

If you have a history of ear infections, you may have a small ear canal.

People with smaller ears are more prone to ear infections because the narrower ear canal restricts the flow of fluids. Middle and outer ear infections occur when fluid builds up and has nowhere to go. Without proper drainage, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can lead to painful ear infections.

Dirty earbuds that aren't properly maintained can exacerbate these problems, which is why cleaning them is so important. But even with such healthy habits, people with small ears are more likely to develop ear infections from other sources.

find the most suitable

Does any of these signs sound familiar? If so, your ears may actually be tiny, but that doesn't mean there aren't perfect earbuds for you. Before you buy another pair of off-the-shelf earbuds, try the risk-free IAG. IAG are the world's only custom earbuds designed for people with small ears. Guaranteed fit or money back.

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